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Riverwalk Golf Club

Riverwalk is a very conveniently located, relatively inexpensive option for golfers who don't need to have a challenging course to enjoy a round of golf.

By far the most impressive thing about the course seems to be the quality of its greens. Every golfer we've talked to raves about the consistency and pure roll and reviews back up what they say.

Even with three nines to choose from, the course can (and often does) play slow - though that is to be expected at the great rates that can be found for Riverwalk with just a little bit of research.

Reviews raved about the range, but we found it to not even be average. Its possible that the positive reviews were based on the Nike practice center located on the opposite end from the clubhouse which we did not check out. Tip:

If you play the Friars course, be sure to keep your head on a swivel as our team was bombarded by no fewer than five different balls coming from fairways other than our own. To be fair, the team wasn't exactly innocent of the exact same crime, but it doesn't change the fact that you need to be listening for "fore" calls.