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Marshall Canyon Golf Course

If you don't go into playing a round at Marshall Canyon expecting to encounter good conditions, you will have much more fun. It features a potentially great layout that is ruined by the lack of upkeep to the grounds. Most, not some, but most, of the cart paths are impossible to drive on - which often doesn't matter since they can be hard to even find.

Luckily, the greens fees reflect the condition of the course more than the possibility of what it could be. You very rarely should be paying more than $35 to play here.

The greens are the one place the the not-so-superintendent pays attention to at Marshall Canyon. The hold the ball very well enabling you to go pin hunting - especially early in the morning. The problem with that? Good luck knowing how far you are if you don't have a scope.

If Marshall Canyon could somehow make the deer that roam its fairways into greenskeepers, they would have it made. We encountered at least 15 of them during a 3.5 hour round early in the morning.

There are plenty of places for big hitters to go for greens in under regulation, making the course more fun and offers strategic possibilities for how to play if your opponent should get greedy and end up in trouble. You know, should you be inclined to participate in wagers on the golf course. Tip:

Just forget the cart and walk. Your neck will thank us when it doesn't suffer whiplash and you will have much more fun not bouncing around all day. Unless you're one of the first groups off in the morning, you're going to have a long day. Why not get some more exercise in the process? 

Bonus Tip: 

There is a very good chance your ball ends up nowhere near where it first bounces, so don't be surprised if you end up in the rough on shots that looked like they were right down the middle of the fairway.