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Indian Springs Golf and Country Club

Indian Springs Golf and Country Club seems to have a reputation as a nice little desert course that the locals seem to love. The staff is definitely protective of its rules. Even to a fault. Our team witnessed the staff make a very poor decision in our eyes. Instead of combining a group of 5 people into one, they decided it was better to take twice the tee times and make the groups play as a threesome and twosome backing up every other group on the course. While we're in favor of following the rules, sometimes, you have to use logic to make decisions.

The greens at Indian Springs are as hard as the staff is to influence. While hard greens are fine for most desert courses that play more like links layouts, when they are as small as these are and you have to fly the ball all the way to them, it can make for a frustrating day. At least they roll very true, so once you manage to get the ball onto the surface, you can make up some strokes with the ole flat stick.

Most holes at Indian Springs do give you the option of laying up to your favorite wedge distance off the tee or breaking out the big dog and going for all the glory. The fairways are often cited as being wide open and we didn't experience anything to counter that reputation. The course also has a reputation for being in good shape and while not immaculate, it was nowhere near anything that would cause a complaint.

Our team's biggest issue with the course was the layout in terms of where the practice area was in relation to the first tee. Unfortunately, this is a trend we've run into on other desert courses. It's almost like the practice areas are an afterthought. All in all, if that is your biggest problem with a course, it's probably worth playing. Tip:

If you shop around in the usual places, you can find a good deal to play Indian Springs that includes lunch. A very tasty lunch, we might add.