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Green River Golf Club

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Over the years, we have learned that, as a general rule, when you spot a player in jeans on the first tee, chances are that you're in for a long day. Our round at Green River provided further evidence of this theory as it took nearly six hours to play the course ON A WEEKDAY.


























Another bad sign is when the tee boxes are being mowed before the one inch long fairways.


While we do know the old adage of "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," that would make it very hard to do a course review. We do have to admit that the snack shack attendant between the 10th and 11th holes who makes a great bloody mary is an asset. Her co-worker in the cart who decided to just blow by our group of four plus an observer without even asking what we wanted? Not so much.


To be completely fair, the course's new configuration (it used to be two separate sets of 18 holes) COULD be one of the better values in So Cal if it were even in remotely poor shape, but it is flat out one of the worst conditioned courses we've played. To charge the new more expensive rates for a round here is ridiculous in our opinion.


Our recommendation - spend the extra $15 bucks and go play somewhere that actually bothers to keep the course in decent condition.

asset(9) Tip: It gets amazingly cold on the course. Layer up. Our round started at 10:10 and the hand warmers needed to be broken out for the first five holes.