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Eagle Glen Golf Club

EG Golf Club  

Nearly all courses suffer a bit when it gets to be winter time. Fairways go dormant and tee boxes don't grow back quick enough to be anything but ugly most of the time. Eagle Glen is no exception.



BUT it makes it up to you the golfer with some of the best greens around. They roll pure, but aren't easy to read by any means. Difficult, but fair and most importantly - consistent. If one is rolling slow that day, they all roll slow and if one is fast, they're all fast. As a golfer, you can't ask for much more than greens being receptive and true.



One member of the B4UPlay team says these are the best greens he has played in Southern California. And he has played a LOT of golf in the area.


The other place you get some relief is on price. Eagle Glen is a value nearly anytime you play it, but specials abound that make it even better with some homework.


Most reviews of the course call out it's excellent cart service and we definitely experienced it. Somehow we never went more than three holes without having the option to refuel.


Now if we could just get the golf carts to be as good as the beverage carts, it would be off to the races. That's not even close to the case, though. The carts at Eagle Glen have the worst regulators our team has ever run into on a course. Some reviews (I'm not saying the reviews were planted by the cart manufacturers, but I'm not NOT saying it either) say that the carts are great and that being forced to slow down when you're about to encounter "danger" or veer "off the path" is a good thing, but we couldn't disagree more.



Overall, the course was in ok shape. Again, remember that it was December when we played and that makes the fairways being anything other than the tan color you see in most of the shots a major surprise. I would definitely recommend a round or two at Eagle Glen. See if you can drive the tight green on the 2nd hole or play it Zach Johnson style and lay up to the short left fairway. Just remember that no matter what you do, you're going to get frustrated trying to get down the hills in the ridiculously regulated carts. Tip: The carts are equipped with what it seems is a really cool place to put your wallet, money clip, cell phone, etc. Don't forget that you put it there!


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